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Founder and CEO 

The founder

Olaf Hecht has been active in the energy measurement service provider industry for three decades.

Initially responsible as a product engineer/product manager for the introduction of M-Bus technology and building control technology, he can look back on years of technical and economic experience gathered worldwide in various managerial functions for an international market leader with a global presence.


The focus was on setting up business units on all continents and managing national and international business units, including in countries in northern, western, southern and eastern Europe, the Near and Middle East and the Gulf region, in central, southern and Southeast Asia, Asia and North and South America, with several on-site assignments lasting several months. Knowing that there are only very few qualified consultants with a correspondingly broad range of expertise in this market segment,​ Mr. Hecht decided to make his wealth of experience available to potential customers.

The focus of his advice held with strict independence and neutrality, is targeted at classic causation-based measurement, recording and billing of water and energy consumption (including cooling), sub-metering, the implementation of modern long-distance transmission systems, as well as the web-based data management.

Das Team

Sabine Hecht

Niklas Toplak

Assistance & Finance

Technical Advisor


Alina Hecht


The vision

The team, the partners and the founder have set themselves the goal of providing potential customers with their in-depth knowledge of the complex value chain in addition to classic advice. This includes creating incentives based on the sub-metering business model to identify and leverage water and energy saving potential and to optimize existing business processes.

Savings in electricity, gas, heat, cold and water can be effectively realized with the implementation of a professional system for causation-based recording, monitoring and billing, which makes a decisive contribution to sustainable savings in CO2 emissions. This is accompanied by savings in steadily increasing energy and water costs.



Since its founding in May 2021, Hecht Consulting ( holds various domestic and foreign clients from the USA, Japan, Austria, Turkey and Germany.

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